Welcome to Techno-Matrix.com

Established in the year 2010 as M/s Technomatrix, with a larger full-fledged engineering setup and integration facility.

We have partnered with European / American suppliers who are in the industrial automation space for over 50 years serving unique customers and handling Automation / Advanced Automation projects.

Technomatrix is headed by experts in automation industry with over 2 decades of experience and proven track record.

They enjoy good reputation and high credibility with the customers in Middle East and India.

Technomatrix is strongly committed to good Corporate Practices, Professionalism, Strong Investment and Futuristic vision of growth in the Middle East market. The process of ISO and SIX Sigma certification is initiated by implementing strict procedures at every stage of its operation.

Technomatrix believes in Oneness in our approach to customers.

Customers are building blocks of our business growth .